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Whatchu Talmbout?

don't let the doorknob hit you, where the injection shots made you thicker.

On April 11th I was in Los Angeles and I was at the Beverly center with my sister and while waiting in countless stores while she tried on everything (I didn’t want to go in the first place but It was clear she wanted me to go since she reiterated that they didn’t have groceries in the house when I told her I was staying and that we would go out to eat after) I participated in the average Americans favorite past time, people watching.

I have decided that retail stores do not set you up to move on to a job in the real world. Why have I come to this conclusion is probably something you may wonder and I will explain it for you. You see, while I’m sure all the employees are probably really nice people who may one day be worthy of humanitarian award nominations, (and by humanitarian award I really just mean a 50.00 applebees/sizzler gift card) the clothes that these companies allow their employees to work in is downright absurd at best.

Now, I’m not and I hope I never turn into one of those people who thinks just because my fashion game is decent that it gives me the right to rip apart those who are “dead wrong” when they step out the house but today . . . . (*throws hands up in air) I JES CAINT!

Exhibit a: young black girl with leather(pleather?) stretch pants that zipped in the back at the bottom of the leg and coupled with those sandals that are kinda high-topped and red toe nail polish.

Maybe its just me but leather pants are never appropriate for the workplace in my book. Granted a dress code is clearly not established or enforced at your nearest wet seal so I will not fault this girl for her choices for today, but WTF. On top of that, they were stretch pants and everyone knows, that form fitting anything = no fuckin no btwn 9 and 6 Monday thru Friday. As for toe nail polish, my mother always told me that red toe nail polish was for hoes and ima leave it at that! My friend who works in a restaurant is not even allowed to have anything more than a subtle french tip and open-toed shoes are simply out of the question.

I really don’t have any other exhibits because all the other people who stepped out the house in questionable attire have slipped my mind since I waited so long to post this.

Basically the point that I am making is that when retails stores allow their employees to dress like they just strolled in from the club, it doesn’t set them up for success in the future when/if they are ever given a fair shot at a good job. Unless of course you are Whitney Port from “The City” and can show up to work(?) looking like this:
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