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Whatchu Talmbout?

don't let the doorknob hit you, where the injection shots made you thicker.

I am on its fun. It allows me to interact anonymously with my fanbase because in my head, I am very important. Here is ONE of my favorite Q/A sessions.

Now, we follow your tweets, read your Facebook updates, and even tune into your blog, Whachutalmbout. Readers have noticed a common denominator in all aspects that is K_Rok: an air of confidence. Would being a college graduate constitute to this persona?

hell to the yea. you know how black folk get when you give them a lil sumn sumn. im proud as fuck about my degree and baybeh, i wasnt eem tryna do dis, i was an officer in an extracurricular club, i frequented the deans list, i was one of 12 students from my department that got hand selected to study abroad and i was a team leader for a project that went on to win an academic achievement award by a professional association in my field (APA) and if i had a job, you wouldnt be able to tell me nuthin. i think part of the reason im so proud of my self and i exude such confidence is because a lot of black men get side tracked or think the only way we can make it is by gettin chose for a team or rappin and i feel like im proof as well as an expuhrashun(inspiration, yall know i slip into buffie mode apropos nothing) other young black men that they dont have to have talents on the mic or on the field because i didnt have either one and at the end of the day, i know ill be ok. i should volunteer at a boys and girls club or something after that speech. lol.

side bar: im glad people read my blog though. i swear ima start writing in it again.

on a #mepersonally tip, i didnt really think i came across as that confident though… just like regular confident. do i think im smarter than people: yes, but thats just my opinion and ive never mouthed the words, im smarter than you before. lol(i dont think). i think going to college and doing the undergraduate really helped me shape the way i view things and it helped me to define who i am as an individual. im not the same man i was when i started college and i feel glad about that because im evolving. i wouldnt want to be the same person over the course of my entire life because quite frankly, shit gets old and i read in a book “if you do what you always did, youll get what you always got” and that kind of resonated with me ever since i read it. im tryna think of how im gonna word this next segment to make sense: i feel like ive always been normal confident. if i didnt go to college and just got some mediocre job somewhere that allowed me to pay the bills on time and what not i think confidence would still be an element to my personality. however now that ive done college i can look back and say that, with my life experiences that college has provided me, i can say that i should have been a totally different person. now that i went to college, i think i can say that if i didnt go to college, i would be downright depressed and my tweets and facebook status updates would have been the ones that you hide or unfollow or whatever because id be bringing everyone down with my somber updates. if i didnt go to college, i wouldnt have known better so i woulda been happy with good enough as opposed to striving for excellence. i know this is a long drawn out explanation but i just hope it makes sense because my mind move quicker than my fingers. by the way whoever wrote this used impeccable punctuation. i mean its really basic shit but youd be surprised at how many people dont know to offset thoughts, that sentences can do without, with a comma. i mean i dont always do it for informal communication but best believe my cover letters be on point.


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