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don't let the doorknob hit you, where the injection shots made you thicker.

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So today I was reading my blog… you know, because i’m vain like that and I realized that I need to do better.  I need to proofread before I post and I need to stop using the word “resonated” so got damn much!  Now that I know better, I will try to do better because I look downright incompetent.


Thursday night, as I cradled my weathered copy of Prozac Nation, I could not help, but glance up & notice the foolywag that was happening on Making the Band 4 (5? 6? 158467?). I was forced to set aside my cup of raspberry flavored tea (sweetened with just a touch of soy milk) & put down my book as the show demanded my full attention. After gasping along with audiences for about 45 minutes of showtime (& 15 minutes of Diddy rambling on about twitter & bitchassness) I could only came to one logical conclusion.
Now, I think that Da Band…Oops, I mean Day 26 had already attempted a discreet intervention in a previous episode, when Que’s mama, the band & their manager Screwface (if you’ve seen the show, you understand why they call him that) all sat down together for an official band meeting. Que began spouting off about feeling like they were all against him & jealous & plotting against him. Robert (bless his soul) managed to quell the situation by insisting that there was a misunderstanding about why Que was missing studio sessions & all seemed fine – at least until the next episode.
This episode, Que caused the band to be late for studio time (& not to get off topic, but for someone who was so concerned about paying bills less than 2 episodes ago, you would think he would be more eager to get in the studio & crank out some more one-hit wonders) & happened to walk into a conversation between his manager & Brian that he assumed was about him, when in reality it was not (actually, it might have been, I am only trusting Screwface’s word because at that point I became sidetracked & went to go wash & exfoliate my face) & of course, this caused him to cook up the idea that they were scheming against him & planting lies against him. Screwface (blest his hourt because I would’ve been sent Diddy & crew to scour the nation for a sober replacement) attempted to calm Que down, which only caused Que to become MORE belligerent & lash out at his manager (who, last I checked, was signing the checks) & decide that he wanted a new manager because Screwface was against him just like everyone else.
Somehow, (I apologize for the lack of details as Prozac Nation managed to take precedence for a few minutes & I seemed to lose the storyline) Que & Brian (& by the by, someone needs to let that po’ boy know that those are NOT baby hairs he got lyin up against his scalp & he needs to just cut that nappy shit off) ended up sort of fighting, there was a lot of swinging, yelling, cursing & kicking & even a few, “Ween Danity Kane!” ‘s & “This is bitchass!”‘s (I hope Diddy got that word trademarked because he sure would be making a killing) thrown around. The two were separated & given time to cool off & the episode of course ended with a cliffhanger, showing clips of Diddy confronting the band (& more specifically, Que) & of course, promised a few more tantrums from Que next week.
Back to my point though, that Que is on drugs (specifically cocaine). I’ve taken it upon myself to gather a bit of research & have found that the following symptoms, all of which Que exhibits :
Auditory hallucinations
Mood disturbances
I would think that the auditory hallucinations means that they start hearing things, which judging by how Que loves busting into rooms & accusing folks of conspiring against him, he is experiencing as well.
If that’s not enough evidence for you, please take a look at these glasses he got on & tell me if anyone in their right mind would even think about wearing those grandma’s reading glasses in public –

So I like to peruse the likes of youtube when I need a little entertainment or a good laugh. My search terms usually are something like “me singing…” because I kinda like to think that I can maybe discover an up an coming artist and when they become famous they will remember me and break me off with a new Kia or something. At any rate, Ellie my blog partner, posted a very disturbing video to her facebook.


Initially when she insisted that I watched the whole video I said, “This would make for a good blog!” because I could do a play by play of the highlights. Now that I actually have to watch it again…I JES CAINT!

I would like to say that this was the first time I have ever seen such fuckery but it isnt. Like a year ago I came across this:

My question is why these videos are always set to a Pretty Ricky record(?)


Proof that if you have a little paper, people will entertain your foolishness. The “foolywag” material/Video “model” that is Angel Lola Luv aka The Hater Aggravator has a music video (what) to go with her single boss bitch (WHAT!!!).

Lil Kim better watch out is all I’m saying

I feel very strongly that Angel is probably one of THE most beautiful girls to walk the face of the earth but come on Lola Monroe, are you serious with this rap career? I have actually had the opportunity to listen to her talk and I must say, not much better than her rapping which brings me to my next point that I JUST thought of right now:

Should some people be seen and not heard?

I woulda wifed the bword on site if I ever ran into her but now I’m not so sure, however I would consider if her vocal chords were removed or she was reduced to speaking in simglish.